A color therapy for a grey space. 
New entry for the Innosite competition!

Paris...Oh là là!

"Les toits de Paris, couchés sur le dos, leurs petites pattes en l'air.
                                                            Raymond Queneau

A new entry in my blog in relation to a competition in Copenhagen that I have just entered. Check it out in Sleep Tight - INNOSITE.
With the arrival of May, the city of Girona suits its best courtyards, public spaces, gardens and streets with flowers in the Girona Temps de Flors festival. It is the perfect situation for creatives to highlight the beauty of the city by using natural flowers in their installations. The proposal RAY of  MAY, situated in La Pabordia courtyard (nº46) aims to create a space where a rain of flowers has taken place and now the visitor has the chance to interact with the remains of this special shower.

It is one of the best moments to visit the city, so I encourage you to travel there before the 18th of May and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere around the city center. More info following the link and photos of our RAY of  MAY soon here in [ephemeral]

Nº 46 La Pabordia courtyard is situated in La Força street with Pujada de la Catedral passage.
From the 27th to the 30th of March 2014 Copenhagen hosts the Architecture Festival x Film. The programme has been already published and it is really interesting. The films will be about landscape conception, the constructing proces, rituals and architecture, personalities and of course buildings. There will be special events in the DAC, Forum metro station, Paustian, Nørrebro station, Pumpestationen, Filmstationen and a special night about Brazil will take place in the Grand Teatret.

You can check out all this information on their website http://copenhagenarchitecturefestival.com/
and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter(#cpharchfest).

I will be collaborating so see you around there and good films!  

Since last September I am living in Copenhagen and discovering the city is lots of fun. I have just uploaded some photos of the city and of trips that I am doing but there are more to come. Stay tuned in [more] --> photography!

This 6th june 2013 the results of the 2013 Burnham Competiton: NEXT STOP Designing Chicago BRT Stations were published. Our team has received the First Citation for the project PLUG & PLAY.  

Check it out in [urbanism] or go to chicagoarchitecturalclub.org/NEXT-STOP-CITATION-1